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A sample of sentiments from current and former students

 Hi Stan,

C. and J. will both be at Friday's 4:30 clinic. 
Thank you so much for all that you do and for sharing your passion for the BEST sport and your gift of teaching with our kids. 


Thank you Stan for giving M... the opportunity today.  I'm sad to have missed but M. said M.'s match with A. H. was superb!!   A.'s parents who we are good friends with, said our families can no longer be friends now. them. They are so funny.  ;) 


You are the best team coach ever to be placed on this earth!  We are so


Sent from my iPhone 

Hi Stan,
What an energetic workout for the kids today! J... enjoyed it and had fun. Thank you for a great session. 

L. K. 


Hi Stan,


You are so kind.  M........ had a terrific time playing with B...  And he is loving being on a team!

Thank you so much for making this a great experience for all of us. 
K. B. 
Cell Phone message:
Hey Stan...Its S..., I just wanted to give you an, I played the Rio Hondo CIF tournament today and won both of my matches...I feel really good...I thought it was the best I've ever played in my career, maybe, and just wanted to say thanks for all the work that you've put in so that I can go this far...I'm just excited..thanks so much...

Wow, are you efficient, thank you! I will ...................................................... Thanks again. Looking forward to a fun and busy season! -- Robbie 
Hey Coach
How have you been? I've been pretty busy here.. just wanted to update you. All is going well here.. Had a college tennis tournament here and I won three matches and lost in the semis ... still playing and enjoying the game like you taught me. I hope all is well with you and the grandkids and your havin fun in your hotrod.
Missin you

- Anand
I started playing tennis way back in 1958 at age 11.Began with the old TAD and Jack Kramer wood Racquets. Following years played competitive with some success in High School & tournaments... afterwards. Many bad habits not very good instructors. Could not find my game & gave up playing all-together. Last year just walking pass a court where he was giving lessons,got his phone number,and arranged to start lessons & play again.Stan has a real love for the game and has that special knack & insight to simply make a few adjustments that have improved my game 100% even after 30 years.I can honestly say that my game and strokes are better now than when I was in high school. It took forty years...but now Stan has help me find that "game". I am back playing and enjoying the game again ..Better late than never. Thanks Stan........ Richard Hing
December 2010
...It was a great season Stan. You did a great job and F... and I can't wait for the next one.



Email messages from a parents:



> Just wanted to let you know we loved the tennis class. Coach Stan is great!


> Thanks,

> A.



After Team Tennis on Friday night, S. got in the car and said, "Stan made me hit over 200 serves tonight." 

Then I asked her, "So how did you do?" 

She said, "I actually improved!"


Thanks so much for all your hard work and dedication.  You're a great tennis teacher/coach.  :-)



R. liked his serve in his singles match yesterday at ATCC. (I liked it too, and he was very aggressive and came to net at least twice in early games, then he got a bit tired I think because his opponent engaged in long rallies).  R. said his satisfaction with his serving was due to his lesson with you yesterday.  Eventually, after more specific serving instruction with you, I hope he will get to a place where he will just want to serve a basket of balls to practice and work on it himself.


Thanks for all you do to develop him as an athlete.



Dear Stan,


I just played a set of singles with R. at Occidental College (I lost 5-7).  His serve form has advanced tremendously.  I am impressed with your teaching methods now more than ever!  He was USING his legs in his serve and his toss was straight and high!  He cares about his serve and during the match he was computing his first serve percentage (he was not satisfied with it).

N.and I are thinking, although it is an Jr Open tournament, perhaps R. should enter the FCTC Junior Open tournament.   Your thoughts? Our schedules could accommodate -barely- the opening and closing weekends in July (one parent per day only!).  If not singles in this particular tournament, I wonder if R's parents would be interested in a doubles entry with R.( I see on Tennislink that R. has entered).  We will go with your recommendation.

Finally, if you think R should come to Junior Development on Friday evenings  or Saturday team practice in July, it would help N and I if you would tell R. he should come (rather than he or I telling him!).


Thank you, E.





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