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Tournament Results, Fourth in a Series

Attn: Jake Nelson





December 10, 2001









Tournament Results, fourth in the series.


So, how did you do? Did you enjoy playing the tournament? Did you win? Did you meet your goals as they were set before? Did you get upset, angry? How did you manage your mistakes? Were you able to capitalize on your opponents mistakes? Did you play poorly, under par or did you manage your mistakes? Did you find your zone and play out of your head? How did you magage adversity?


Thank you for the messages about your experience. I especially enjoyed the full page note on the speed of the court affecting the game. Think about all the questions and the outcome of your effort. What stands out? Unforced errors, forced errors, double faults, not ready in time, psyched out? Sun, wind, run out of energy, dehydration, injury, inconsistancy, plan A strategy not working, play B failed. Plan C?  Maybe your opponent's plan beat your plan. You will get better by using this experience to build on your technique, physical abilities, and your mental toughness. Please continue to send me your thoughts and questions, about the preparation and tournament play.


Now is the time to get back out on the practice court. Remember what you discovered that needs fixing. Figure out if you need to hit more drills to gain consistancy. Maybe you need more competitive experience. Go ahead and continue to play challenging matches. That is a sure way to expose where the improvement is needed. If you are not able to practice using the correct technique it is best to ask a professional instructor to help you figure out what you need to fix your shot.


Yes, there is only one who can claim the top prize in each bracket. But, remember what your goal was before the tourney. How did your plan work out? Do you need to make a plan? Yes, tennis is a sport for a lifetime, so keep playing. Some might say the game is so deep and multi-layered that it may take a life time to figure out how to fix it.  Go out and play; have a good time.



Tip of the month:

Rainy day work out. During this season of wet weather when we cannot get out on the court there still is a chance to continue your training. Keep up the good diet. Read books of interest about tennis. With a little time you can work out in a gym or at home to build up your body. There are specific exercises that will improve various tennis techniques.



For further information or instruction, contact Stan Carter, USPTA certified professional, at the Flint Canyon Tennis Club: 818-790-3355 or 213-321-8699.   You are invited to please email questions and comments to

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