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What's Going to Happen This Year? 

Attn: Jake Nelson




January 10, 2003








What’s going to happen this year?


Positive trends are plentiful. The new Tennis Channel will finally launch. The people at The Tennis Channel have been working hard to bring in the best programming and the most cable outlets for nationwide 24/7 coverage. There will be many live tournaments broadcast. Pete Sampras has taken a stake in the company and possibly also Andre Agassi. There will be instruction and personal interest programming. These are good chances for you to watch and learn about the game and the people who play the game at the top level. Eugene L. Scott writes, “…that is the excitement created by the birth of an intelligent creative new idea. The tennis world at large should be at least pleased, if not proud, and perhaps even grateful that we have a 24-hour network devoted to our sport”.


Creative new ideas indeed will make 2003 exciting. Watching the players develop and show us their talent will be fascinating. We will see if players like  Jennifer Capriati, and Justine Hennin can deliver a serious challenge the remarkably scripted achievements of the Williams sisters. How long will Serena remain #1? Will Venus take back the top ranking for a while?


Perhaps due to the impending competition from The Tennis Channel, TV broadcast stations will show us more tennis than ever before. We saw almost 500 hours of coverage in 2002. All of the Grand Slam tournaments and many of the other professional tournaments will be broadcast. We are looking for continuing professional camera and commentary coverage by the TV stations. We want to see the tough competition, stroke production, point development, and the thrill of champions continuing to win, balanced by hardworking rookies upsetting the top seeded players.


Pete Sampras held the #1 position for 52 weeks in a year. Lleyton Hewitt also held the #1 ranking every week of last year. Only a few have done this, and in 2003 we will see if the spirited Lleyton can keep up his weeks of winning. Will Andy Roddick, Tommy Haas, or Mardy Fish, (or you) be able to raise their game to another level and challenge Lleyton’s dominance?


Let’s watch this year and continue cheering on Andre Agassi as he proves his ability to train mind and body to achieve the top level in our sport. My joints, and muscles ache every day, how about you? When will Andre slow down?


Will you continue to have fun on the court in 2003? I hope so. Today’s world is tense, dangerous, and confusing. When you concentrate on tennis, and have fun, you will be relieved from the daily pressures for a while. Tennis is a perfect medium to bring health and happiness to you and those around you.


Tip of the month: I am looking forward to tennis on TV and especially anticipating the opportunities to see the pros in person. There are tournaments in San Jose, Los Angeles, San Diego, Indian Wells to name some of the big events. There are qualifying tournaments, college matches, open tournaments, and even high school and club competitions worth watching. Get out and see, learn and play. Most of all… have fun.




For further information call Stan Carter, USPTA certified professional, at the Flint Canyon Tennis Club: 818-790-3355 or 213-321-8699.   You are invited to please email questions and comments to

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